Image of the morning sun through trees


The world is in constant struggle,
No peace in any land.
The dove, if it lives, must be smuggled,
Imperium is all that stands.

The inevitable course, the trouble,
Played out the only way it can;
Malevolent mercantile muddle,
With its avaricious clans.

A world police will choose and pick,
The whom that shall not live.
Corporate power, corruption's clique,
Immovable. It will not give.

The refugees, the weak, the sick,
Pass through borders like a sieve.
They starve unless they are hand-picked:
To live, what can they give?

The legions come from America,
Half its troops from foreign lands.
A foreign legion, grafted upon
A legal system now in heinous hands.

The weapons are technology.
Flying ashtrays, a helping hand?
Billions spent for this travesty,
The fantasy? some harmony.

Imperium is called by many names.
Global Regime clearly favored.
It makes the most fantastic claims.
Democracy most savored.

So they bomb and kill, destroy at will.
All this they do for Peace.
To return the land, a dead land-fill.
Chosen despots from corporate elite.

The one and all, each subjects now;
Each nation's Flag to fell.
The only ones free somehow
Are those that buy and sell.

All people must, each be disarmed;
Not trusted with such a right.
Only fascists and their government,
Shall have arms with which to fight.

The left has played this game quite well.
The right-wing a stupid volk.
Berkeley left? Masked and veiled;
While they arm their chosen folk.

The Global Regime must maintain stealth,
With Americans under siege.
Lost rights and occupied with wealth,
Drug wars, disenfranchised seed.

The Regime shall win ultimately,
Corporatism a leftist cause.
The right backs it too: business leads!
Hand-maidens work without pause.

So struggle you may, fight the fight:
Which side do you take? you fool.
Listen to Noam, the Berkeley might?
Or Rush on? and be his tool?

The elite shall choose, who lives and dies.
They believe they have this right.
They hate all life, they're barely alive.
Both left and right the right fight.

When business men and academic elites
Join hands, synthesis is born.
The left in league with corporate elites
Is how corporatism has grown.

Once the State, is global as such,
No nation can withstand its Will.
Each flag fall with a muffled cuss.
Its Will to Power is all you'll feel.

Corporazioni: of Italian birth,
Shall finally win the day.
The disarmed folk, on the bottom berth;
Corporatism its English phase.

The deceit and stealth by which they won,
Black-balling, blood-oaths, the feast,
Machiavelli, simply could never have done;
Western wealth created this beast.

There is but one way to escape this fate;
One way to slip defeat.
But I haven't seen the courage it takes;
As greed took virtue's seat.

And so the future is clear to some;
Global Triage. The future in sight.
It's all over now. Imperium has won;
Now all subjects. We simply lost the fight.