Image of the morning sun through trees

The Beast

An idea came to our continent.
It was wrapped in swaddling cloth,
It smoothed and soothed every discontent.
It was a fine and sturdy thought.

At first we called it simply truth.
But it encompassed much more than that;
As it became part of every proof.
Even liberty did this truth surpass.

Our truth did shower gifts on all,
With fine homes, abundance and needs
Were secured; all hunger was gone.
And our truth told us we were free.

He wandered amongst us, a curious child.
Playful and sweet he engaged
In each and every activity awhile.
Convincing the learned sage.

This strange and unique little thought of ours
Was becoming such a part of our lives,
One couldn't imagine him not being around;
Without him then we couldn't survive.

Each enterprise was taught that it was free.
The little guy convinced our army.
And free enterprising men each agreed,
The little fellow defined liberty.

So this little idea grew great and strong,
From this infant left on our soil.
With time he showed us even the throng
Of masses could each find some toil.

He grew as time hurried on by.
Although he seemed much more mature,
We always saw him as our loving child.
Though his countenance somewhat blurred.

His footsteps grew heavy, he seemed less our truth
Than a leader with much on his mind.
Ambitious enterprisers surrounded our proof:
In seclusion with these by his side.

It was these individuals that grew very strong.
But we trusted our truth with these men.
And truth would remember, our compact belonged
With all people, just as it began.

Decades rushed by, all happily displayed
Wonderful lives for each of ourselves.
The few individuals truth simply made,
Became larger than life itself.

But truth convinced us that the wealth they acquired,
And a massive wealth by all tests,
Simply proved truth's mission required
That these few needed more than the rest.

And we remained free in substantial ways,
As what mattered was seen as vouchsafed.
In things less important, we'd still have our say.
But we were each kept in our place.

Our sweet little truth grew massive and strong.
Built of iron, steel and Will.
He towers above us. His minions, the throng?
We work, while his few ring the till.

This truth we so loved, only granted us time
While he built the few's monopoly.
We struggle in mire, three feet of slime,
And he, and his few, form our canopy.

We look up sometimes, though with nothing to say.
And view our own truth in his armor.
His weapons of wealth , our future dismay;
He left nothing untouched, even farmers.

His countenance fierce, teeth bared, twisted guilt;
Behemoth sneers, it was always a show.
It's all over now, as the corporate quilt
Defines everything in its dark glow.

The shadow he casts, the dark evil bathes
Over every mother and son.
He can send us to war. We'll do as he says.
So our truth became our worst con.

He rules all now, as we helped him achieve
Global empire, on all of our backs.
Helped him achieve corporate monopoly dreams.
Now our backs are put to the lash.

But this slavery does rest somewhat lightly.
And we all now must work for "the man."
We're allowed to vote. But move slightly.
And our freedom was never so bland.

We cannot admit we were so conned.
So we continue to mouth "But we're free."
In things that don't matter! Cloths that we don,
And what we can watch on T.V.

Our truth was baby Behemoth.
And my God, we can't admit this!
So we gather to light, like gray moths;
Looking for hope, our last bliss.

We each can remember a warrior
Who pointed this out, that our truth,
Was but an illusion - A liar.
Our truth ripped his heart, claw and tooth.

These warriors were called our enemies.
Only truth could define all the lies.
We let truth be our guide, as affinity
Was felt more for goods he supplied.

This darkness now comes over mankind.
As truth has us fighting each night
Over how we speak, over gender, we find...
We have nothing left for a fight.

See Behemoth? The massive proportions.
The rest of the world is too blind.
Each nation receives a small portion,
Of exactly what we left behind.

We threw away all our liberty.
We each took each other's away.
It seems it was done so easily.
And its our paradise we mislaid.

Now our truth comes to each continent,
Wrapped in swaddling cloth;
And it smoothes and soothes every discontent.
And it will seem a fine sturdy thought.