Image of the morning sun through trees

Prison Eyes

He's been locked-up for so many years
He's lost all his social graces.
Locked away with just his angry tears,
For all those long lost faces.
Staying apart from the roving crowd
Of others just like himself.
Never the joiner and ever too proud
To join a gang; this discipline always felt.
So many were there for reasons, he found,
His own humanity now left only traces.
Those traces left aren't discernible now,
Identities merged within numbered cases.

And what had he done? His terrible crime?
What everyone's done since the dawn of time.
Altered his nights, a narcotic sublime,
Booze, marihuana? ...he'd feel fine.
Well, finer he thought than facing the days,
Endless days of facing his life.
Facing a life of utter dismay;
No job, no future; only strife.
There isn't a place for a man so imperfect.
And imperfect? Now that fits the mold!
Imperfections arranged on his face, soul, it's set
In his mind he's no good: He's been told!

Told so many times he's no good ' better dead.
No father; mother worked all the time.
Lost sisters, dead brothers, too many dead friends.
His future is past now he finds.
It's his dreams and dreaming awake; they send'
A message of fear, cold sweats and nightmares
Every night. And all day he spends'
Getting away from those better prepared.
(To do violence and kill those like him)
Those like him are so few, each without a crew
To cover his back, think as he dares.
To cover his back'Hispanic or Jew,
White or black, he wouldn't care.

Surviving corralled, this hell where the clock
Ticks off days as slow as all history.
Surviving like ants, moving in flocks;
But not of sheep'most predatory.
He never looks up to see the tapestry.
The blue tent with white cotton canopied,
Small'overhead, like a video screen,
Volume turned off: no-one hears the screams.
The cold Prison Eyes that study your day
As they wouldn't want you to take'
Your own life'then they'couldn't take it away
In slow doses'their job is at stake.

Prison Eyes are also your prisoner;
You keep that inside, to yourself.
They didn't have jobs a few years ago'
A bad deal they were handed and dealt.
And their time is better than your time?
Though the very same behavior applies?
Same booze, marihuana, narcotics sublime'
You got caught'that was really your crime.
They're all doing drugs, booze and the like,
Even though everyone knows what it does.
Destroys lives, children, husband and wife
As thoroughly as a .44 Magnum.
Each may need help, to get past its use.
But in lock-down? what do they think?
The second best place one finds drug abuse
Is in prison'or didn't they think?

We have Presidents now whose intake of drugs,
Senators, congress, their aids, staggers
The mind, If you believe what they say'
Just say no'and have a nice day.
Libertarians propose that drugs be made legal
But we know no such law can get passed.
The legal system needs drugs never legal.
Release prisoners from the crimes of their past?
That can never be done, unemployment would soar,
Christian Yuppies would each be appalled,
At the sight of these Cons, released on parole,
While downsizing eliminates jobs.

And then Prison Eyes would have no one to view,
To study and gawk and abuse.
They too would be jobless and pass in review
In the same job-lines, but somewhat confused.
Then the Judges too, lawyers, those thieves,
Would lose money, lacking clientele.
The system would lose from a lack receipts:
Bank transfers, drug seizures, the tell.
And foreign affairs, the infamous troika:
Columbia, Bolivia, Peru;
Reigns stretched tight, the cash will convince ya
It's good business through and through.

So how many more of such innocent crimes
Shall the state endeavor to create?
How many more young men will we find
Locked-down behind iron gates?
How many politicians, the wealthy, the rich
Shall continue to use, but be free'
Free from Prison Eyes, free of their itch;
Where there's wealth, the law doesn't see.
So He's been locked-up for so many years
He's lost all his social graces.
Locked away with just his angry tears,
For all those long lost faces.